Tips for Waste Management Success


Waste management plays a critical role in securing planning approvals, yet it often receives insufficient attention until late in the design process. This can lead to costly delays and challenges. By partnering with an experienced waste management consultant like Steradian early on, you can ensure your project smoothly navigates these requirements and avoids potential pitfalls.

Proactive Planning and Tailored Solutions:

  • Early Integration is Key:
    Addressing waste management needs early in the design phase is crucial. This allows for efficient integration and minimizes the risk of costly rework later. Steradian understands the importance of proactive planning and works closely with you from the outset.
  • Council Requirements at Your Fingertips:
    We maintain regular communication with Waste Management Officers across most Victorian councils. This allows us to tailor your waste management plans to meet specific council requirements and avoid potential approval delays.
  • Independent and Unbiased Recommendations:
    Steradian operates independently of waste collection companies, ensuring our recommendations are solely focused on your project’s
    specific needs and compliance requirements, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Collaborative Approach for Optimal Solutions:
    Our reports are unbiased and prioritize collaboration with architects and designers. We work together to develop an efficient and compliant waste management system that aligns with your project needs, council requirements, and budget.

Understanding the Regulatory Landscape:

  • Council Guidelines and Compliance:
    Local councils have established guidelines for waste management compliance, which become part of the planning permit conditions. It’s
    essential to be aware of these guidelines and ensure your plan adheres to them.
  • Consistency Challenges:
    Currently, there is a lack of consistent expectations across Melbourne and regional councils due to the absence of published guidelines for all councils. This can create confusion and require additional effort to navigate.
  • Onsite Waste Collection and Planning:
    Many councils now mandate onsite waste collection for multi-unit developments, often through private contractors. This needs to be factored into your design and planning process.
  • Consequences of Inadequate Planning:
    Hasty design of waste rooms/facilities or poorly written waste management plans can lead to non-compliance issues, potentially jeopardizing your project’s approval.

Partner for Success:

By engaging Steradian early in your project, you gain access to our extensive experience, deep understanding of council requirements, and commitment to collaborative solutions. We provide independent and professional waste management advice, ensuring your project meets all regulations smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today and let our expertise guide your project towards successful waste management planning and approval.

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